Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby bears, horses & a waterfall

Ah, the wonders of warm weather.  I can't believe how warm it's been the past few days.  I love it!  I've really missed it.  Being able to take Kenai out to potty in the morning and not seizing up at the chill weather is so nice.  I actually just stood around and didn't urge him on this morning - he will go on command pretty much, no dallying.  Warm breezes blowing - gotta love it.

Yesterday was full of baby bears and horses, and today I enjoyed some pretty water and watching a crazy person (Chris) huck himself off an 18ft. waterfall.

So now, I shall narrate my adventures with pictures - because I think anyone would agree that's more fun than actually having to read about stuff. 

My yesterday began with farm fresh eggs - yes, some are green.
Frosty leaves.  The temperature will fluctuate 30 - 50 degrees in one day at this time of year.
There were four cubs - a little atypical - but food was plentiful last year.
Wonderin' whats going on.  Such a cutie.
*Yawn* Such a rough life.  You can see three of the four in this shot.
Finally putting on some weight - his ribs and hips aren't so noticeable.
Kit lookin' good in my hat.
I love, love, love Tonka's face in this - I laughed for a long time when I realized I got this shot.
Why the long face?  Sorry, couldn't resist that joke. 

This is Orion's "Wazzup?" head toss.  You know, the way people on the streets do.
And this is his, "Hey, are we going anywhere or what?"  Such a pretty boy.
Can't wait for him to lose that damn winter coat.  I don't like my horses fluffy.

Wonder falls at 5.5ft - Chris huckin' himself off. (**This picture and the next three look much
crisper if you click and bring them up in the separate window.)
So much water. 
Splish splash.
Just hangin' out.  Lovin' that I can get pictures of me for once.  Yay for remotes.
Its the start of spring break for me and 28,000 other WVU students.  I'm pretty excited about all this warmer weather and all the activities to partake in outside.  I've missed the sun and warmth dearly.  It was so nice to get outside today and play around the river.  Kenai even got to test out his lifejacket - yes, he has an NRS doggie lifejacket - it works.  My car smells distinctly of wet dog and river funk now (river funk is this awful smell that accumulates around kayakers and their soaked gear - if you don't know what it smells like, consider yourself lucky).

Tonight promises rib-eye steaks, sauteed red potatoes & onions & garlic, macaroni salad, and good beer.  Ringin' in this break the right way.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.

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