Monday, March 14, 2011

Sportin' the red

I just bought this for Orion (in red).

Super excited.  Halter with a bridle clip in.  (Bit and reins not included)  The reins I have already have red in them so it'll match well.  It'll be sweet though, clipping the bit in and out when I need to.  Perfect for transitions during the race.  We set out for 15 miles then have an hour break when we come back into camp, then back out for the final 15.  Have to a vet check during the break - maybe two - I can't remember.  But the halter/bridle combo will be great for that.  Vet check trot, cool down walk, eating (because eating with a bit in is hard), then back out!  Why red?  Because we're also getting these:

Getting shoes put on a horse costs $65-$85 each time.  And shoes can get pulled off in deep mud, or thrown off if a horse's hooves just aren't super compatible for shoeing.  So getting boots like this that you can put on each time you go out is a lot better.  They're $85 each, but I should hopefully only have to get fronts - and they will last for years.  So instead of getting 4 pairs of shoes (just the fronts four times a year) over the year I can just have these boots to put on.  Gonna be worth it in the end.  And there is a local lady who will measure and trim his feet accordingly and size him for the boots.  She can also order them for me and cut me a deal.  ANNNDD she's going to teach me how to trim his hooves myself.  That's a life-skill right there.

So yeah, me and my horse - decked in red.  I always wear mine, haha.  Kenai looks good in red too, but is currently decked in blue mostly because Ruff Wear dog gear didn't have a red collar in the style I liked.  Oh well.

So here's to red accessories and lots of riding!

My boy havin' a roll after a 12.6 mile ride.

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