Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First trim & Congratulations

On Monday the barefoot trimmer was slated to come do Griffin’s feet.  I slipped out of work and headed straight to the barn to catch him up out of the rain and get him in, cleaned, and worked out pre-trimmer visit.  I should have known things wouldn’t go as planned.

I arrived to find D in the barn working Little Bit and all the other horses no where to be seen.  Of course.  Fortunately it looked as if they weren’t atop the hill on the other side of the creek – just the field.  Excellent, less 4-wheeling to do up that trail I dislike.  So, I donned a floor-length yellow rain coat and Kenai and I set off, him running and me on the 4-wheeler to get Griffin.

They were grazing right by the gate at the base of the big hill.  I parked and went in to get Griffin.  I whistled as I approached and talked to him, but he was still hesitant.  By the time I realized it was likely due to my large yellow-ness he – and all the other horses – had fled through the little copse of trees and up the hill into the top pasture.  Great, now I have to drive the 4-wheeler up the trail I hate.

Kenai and I set off again, took the 4-wheeler through the gate and into the field, and drove in a manner to discourage the horses to go back down the hill.  I then got off and attempted a feeble approach, talking all the while.  The other horses trusted me, but he wouldn’t.  So, despite the rain, off came the coat and off came the ball cap.  It still took some time, but he let me catch him.

Back at the barn I check my phone to find a text that the trimmer was feeling under the weather and wouldn’t be out that night.  Well, damn.  Very frustrating, but I had to make the situation positive.  Little man needed desensitized to bright yellow jackets, obviously.  I got a smaller one out at D’s suggestion and walked it to him.  Slowly moving it more, putting it on, dancing in it, and then – eventually – putting it over his head.  Good horse.  We then did a bit of work in the round pen that involved me doing crazier dancing to get him used to my spazzticness that often times happens.  

: : :

Tuesday the trimmer was able to make it out and Griffin got his first trim.  I would like to report that little man stood AMAZINGLY for his first trim.   The first foot (front left) went without any incident AT ALL.  Stood for all of it patiently.  Second foot he put it down once, but still stood beautifully.  First hind he was good with once it was up - took a moment or two to get him to put it on the stand - then he put it down twice when she had to stretch it forward to clean it up.  Last foot was about the same story as the other hind.  He got real impatient for the last 40 seconds or so.  But other than that, the whole thing went without incident.  I don't think it took more than 15 minutes or so max!  

Monday, pre-trim
Tuesday, post-trim

Great little guy.  He may not perform his halts in the round pen as quick as I'd like, but hot damn if he doesn't excel at every other challenge I toss his way so far!  He's going to get to join Mayer and I on some mini (15-20 minute) trail rides soon so he can 1. get trail experience, 2. learn to pony, 3. continue his learning and exercise!  

: : : 

CONGRATULATIONS to the boyfriend for being accepted into OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY for their hydrology master's program. && Congratulations to Kate for being accepted into University of Idaho's McCall Outdoor Science School.  So happy and proud of you two!  Guess I have more of a reason to look for jobs in the PNW now!  I think I'd like riding horses out there on all those awesome trails, too.  

: : :

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  1. Nice! I will openly admit to googling hydrology to figure out what the heck it was. lol

    I also laughed out loud when I envisioned the walking yellow creature. Too funny!