Monday, March 5, 2012


*previously scheduled post is below this one*

My beautiful pup is two years old today!  Can't believe how far we've come.  It seems like just yesterday he was this:

For anyone who has ever been curious as to his lines, he has Waymar, Innisfree, Catawba, and Kristari in him. These are his parents, Shiloh (grey and white) and Dakota (black and white).

I didn't know or care about his pedigree.  I have not registered him.  I wanted a well-bred, healthy pup.  I was VERY lucky to have ended up getting him from the breeder I did.  He breeds for health and temperament among other things.  Kenai is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Happy birthday, friend of my heart.  You are truly loved by many.


  1. Happy birthday to a very handsome man :)

  2. Happy Birthday Kena!!
    He's such a gorgeous boy :)