Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ponying & Weight Gain

Griffin experienced ponying and his first 15-20 minute trail experience yesterday.  He was a very good boy.  Mayer on the other hand was a royal you-know-what.  Mares, seriously.  Ugh.

Tell me Kenai isn't the happiest damn dog you ever did see!

As you can see, I've finally figured out how to make my own watermark; I am currently playing around with three - probably more as time goes on.  I've come up with a new system for uploading photos so that I'm forced to edit a wee bit, even if it is just putting on the watermark and nothing else.  This way I can fulfill my goal to learn more about photoshop since I'm forced to work within it each time I want to upload photos.

Griffin has gained ~50lbs since the end of January when I got him.  Not quite two months.  Not too shabby!  Jeanna showed me all the areas his fat pockets are forming.  Others have pointed out how his belly has "picked up" and he's gained some height.  I'm around him a little too often to notice these changes.  I reckon I'll see a difference (I hope I will) after I get back from my week in Montana.

If a single one of you steals my sweet little compass rose w/ Arab I will find you and kick you in the shins.
That little logo took me a VERY long time to assemble.  The horse I had to hand draw in photoshop.  I love the way it turned out.  One day when Griffin is big I plan to make that our little logo for when we attend rides.

I snagged some shots of D's horse Bill finally.  I LOVE him.  He's deaf and blind in one eye, but he's wonderful and smart and an excellent pack horse - oh, and he's gaited.  Mostly I LOVE the way he's built!

And here are some more shots of Duke, that Hollywood Jack line horse.

Pretty boys.  All of them.


  1. Isn't Griffin the cutest thing you ever did see?????

  2. Love the watermark. If the head was a bit bigger and the gait was a ~gait~ I might steal it - but you're safe with your trotting Arab. ;)

    Of course Bill is gaited! Look at that head and those shoulders! He just screams gait to me.

    You have some beautiful weather right now.