Sunday, March 4, 2012

In Memory

One of my best friends and the lady I would call my "horse-mom" lost her best friend of 30 years yesterday.  I can't say it any better than she did,
Famous horse's come and go, most are loved and missed by horse-people only, some are loved and missed by the world. Today my famous horse, my best friend and companion of 30 years will be missed by my family and friends who at one time or another crossed paths with her. So, Brandy our glasses are raised to you, a horse who had strength and stamina for those awesome rides and your gentleness and patience for those who were just learning, may you run with the herd in the greener grasses of your life. Miss Poco Brandy, May 8th, 1982 - March 3rd 2012, you are MY famous horse that will be missed.
This old lady still had a LOT of life in her.  She LOVED to go-go-go.  She was 30, but this death was still unexpected.  Brandy taught me what it was like to experience barrel racing - the way it should be done.  And she proved to everyone around her that age means nothing.

Rest in peace bay-girl.  You leave this life love by so many.

Sonya  with Brandy
Doing what they loved


  1. Rest in peace Brandy. <3
    I still remember working at the barn and she'd bean me in the face with her nose giving 'kisses' for horse treats.

  2. I love what she wrote about her famous horse. So touching,

  3. Aww, this made me cry. I am so sorry for her loss. RIP, beautiful.