Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random Facts

Fact #1: Oatmeal squares are wonderful, especially the cinnamon variety.  I just bought a box this morning and brought them to work because I am rarely hungry at the hour I wake up and force feeding myself isn’t something I’m good at doing – unless I know I’m going to be exerting a bajillion calories before noon.

Fact #2: This warmer weather and SUNSHINE are absolutely brilliant.  As per the norm, they have motivated me to clean, organize, and lighten the look of my living quarters.  I’m really loving the way my room is for the first time since moving into it in May of last year.  A clean, crisp look with things organized and not all a-clutter mean I sleep sounder, and OH have I been sleeping so well lately.  I forget what it is like to sleep that way.  Oh, bliss.

Fact #3:  There is hope for Kenai as a trail dog!  I’m still VERY cautious in this statement, but I have a wee bit of optimism now.  This weather, coupled with semi-longer days (I cannot wait for daylight savings this weekend.) has allowed me to go on two shorter trail rides the past two nights.  Mare (though in my mind its “Mayer” because I don’t like the fact that I’m calling her what she IS, she needs a semi-name) needs the exercise and  Kenai needs the practice + exercise.

The first night we just went out for 15 minutes or so.  I didn’t want to push my luck.  Last night we climbed a mountain and were out for ~30 minutes or so.  Kenai did remarkably well both nights – Mayer was better the second night.  I’m keeping treats (horse treats) in my pocket so Kenai has a little extra incentive to return to my side.  He also wears his remote collar.  There was a semi-interaction with a ruffed grouse last evening, but he was good otherwise.  A short, sharp whistle is usually enough to halt him in his tracks and cause him to pivot on his rear (am I talking about my horse or dog?  lol) to face me.  If that doesn’t work I call his name.  And if that does work he gets the warning beep.  I haven’t had to shock him yet, but that is the last line of defense.  Well, maybe not THE last.  Being a worrisome dog-mother I would likely urge Mayer into the chase and go all fox-hunt after him.  I hope it doesn’t come to that.

All in all, great little rides and I’m so excited for more.  Yay new trails!

Fact #4:  Griffin is doing great and I’m really excited for everything to come with him.  I’ve been reading more and more about Tevis (aka my sick obsession) and its getting me all jazzed to get my rear into endurance as the years progress.  I’m optimistic that Griffin will – at minimum – be a great LD horse as the years go on.  I’d really like to have another full Arab to work with and ride, too, but monetary reasons and my schedule may not allow for two horses for awhile.  We’ll see.  Either way, I’m excited for future possibilities!

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  1. Cliff bars are my go-to food.

    Is it really as green as your header now?

    Despise daylight savings time. lol