Monday, March 19, 2012

I miss climbing

So very much:

First lead, a 5.7 at Summersville Lake
Sending Moby's Dick, a V3 at Coopers Rock
A 5.10a at Summersville Lake...can't remember the name
Seneca Rocks

Hopefully I will have the time this summer to get out and climb on weekends.  The lack of a gym - or any facility for that matter - around here has ruined the potential for all climbing activities.  Seneca Rocks is the closest to me.  Perhaps I can wrangle folks into that this summer.

In better news, my LONG FREAKING DAY is OVER.  A beer has been drunk (drank? drunken?) and I have begun to decompress.  Most excellent.  Days that begin with sitting bolt upright in bed screaming an expletive are not my most favorite!  ...granted they make me chuckle afterwards. 

Guess it was a case of the Mondays.  Ah well, bring on the rest of the week, for by the end of it I will be in Big Sky country skiing my heart out.

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