Sunday, March 18, 2012


Spring has sprung.  Or is it summer?

75°F+ temperatures over the past several days and predicted for most of this week.  Thunderstorms in the forecast.  Flowers bursting EVERYWHERE with gusto.  Everything seems to be 3 weeks ahead of schedule as far as growing goes.  The fields are reallllllyyy greening up.  A bit alarming as far as the horses are concerned.  We have to be careful they don't develop any of the slew of issues new, plentiful, sugary grass causes due to it!

Its likely I will be scarce in the blogosphere in upcoming days/weeks.  Friday I leave for MONTANA!  Whoop whoop!  Skiing and Yellowstoning for me!

However, before I go, I have to do the following:

- Pack
- Catch up on my OSU lectures, review, and take the final exam in my winter quarter course
- Train Griffin each night, little snot will thoroughly love his 8 days off I'm certain
- Prep Kenai + anything/everything he needs for his sitter

Not a lot, but daunting nonetheless.

Bathed Griffin today.  Not a super bath, but enough for him to realize, "Oh hey, baths aren't the end of the world, okay."  I soaped up his three socks and his blaze and got them pretty white...which he promptly walked through some deep mud to ruin his white socks.  I missed out on getting photos, too.  But I do have a pre-bath video of Griffin and Oliver.  They were nibbling on each other, but quit when the camera came out.  Of course.

Don't forget to sign up (by commenting either 1 or 4 times) for the give-away HERE!  MK has something for everyone, and a $50 gift card will take you far!  Two winners will be chosen when I return from MT!

WHAT YOU'LL WIN!  (Shocked expression not included.)
The two giftcards, stickers behind (unseen), and magazines!

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  1. Montana!! Holiday or work? Getting close to my neck of the woods. lol Beautiful country.

    Have fun!