Monday, December 3, 2012

Q's hooves

Cell phone dusk. Some sort of photographic no-no nightmare. But oh well, I had time to waste while waiting on my ride for the parade. I trimmed her the day prior.

Right rear
Right front
Left front
Left rear
Right rear
Right front

And then my phone decided it wouldn't take any more photos in the cold. So there you have it. Dry and a little cracked, but not too shabby. I need to soak them for good measure to rid any bacteria as her soles are still pock-marked. Clean Trax? Other suggestions?


  1. I love the White Lightning products from Grand Circuit.
    I use the gel, but if you're looking for a soak, the original liquid would do the trick.

  2. Very pretty feet!!
    I like White Lightning too! The gel is definetely less of a hassle. For the liquid, you'd have to stick each of Q's feet in a large Ziploc-type bag, and mix the White Lightning with white vinegar inside each bag (I think you need 2 bottles to treat 4 feet). This creates a gas that, contained in the bags, will kill any and all bacteria & fungi in her hooves in ONE 30-minute treatment. (The gas is harmless to us and horses.) The beauty of the hassle is that you rarely have to treat again.
    Pete Ramey mixes warm water and Lysol at the same dilution that you would use to clean floors, and soaks for 20-30 minutes. You have to do this for a week or two before you see results.
    For thrush deep in the frog sulcus, I like using Dry Cow Today or Tomorrow-it is a topical antibiotic ointment that comes in a little plastic syringe that allows you to inject it directly at the site of infection. This took care of one of the worst cases of thrush I've ever had to deal with so far, but it took a couple of months of diligent, daily application. The horse was super-skittish and would not tolerate plastic bags on his feet for the White Lightning...
    Here's a whole bunch of other alternatives, including home remedies: