Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saftey and the like

Whoop, whoop!  I am getting one of these in the mail very shortly!

After 4 years of non-helmet wearing I’m converting back.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll end up wearing it a perfect 100% of the time from now until infinity, but I’ll definitely wear it often.  I’d also (not for another couple years probably) like to get one of these (also by Tipperary).

I saw them [for the first time] at the endurance race this year and was intrigued.  I want one!  I become a [much more] ballsier rider when I have a helmet on, so combine it with the protective vest?!  Bring it.  Okay, just kidding, don’t “bring it”, but I won’t be very hesitant about things that I was uncertain about prior to protection.

I’m pumped.

Had a pretty good ride on the QH/Arab mare again last night.  She’s just brilliant.  I really enjoy her.  She’s definitely swung my door to the middle between the mares vs. geldings decision.  I’d be happy with either now.  No more discrimination.  If the horse strikes me as capable of doing what I want (one day when I’m legit shopping, you know) I will take him/her home with me with no concern to the gender.  Hell, if I could start him young, I’d even take an un-cut colt and consider keeping him a stallion as long as he respected the world and wouldn’t screw a fence post.  I digress…  The mare was great though.  Still figuring out which bit she’ll listen to best though.  We did a lot more jumping last night than we had prior.  She’s willing, but still tries to balk and avoid if your attention wavers just the slightest.  But that’s probably my fault as I have no formal jumping lessons. 

Which leads me to this…

For Monday night I have scheduled my first ever formal hunter/jump seat lesson.  Whoop, whoop!  Another reason to order the helmet TODAY so I have it on Monday (free 2-day shipping, baby!). 

Many equine updates to come!  For now, I’m off to a weekend (yeah, I have 3-day weekends every other week, booya) of fun and chaos in Morgantown!  Let’s go Mountaineers! 

Hope your weekend proves fun and enjoyable!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ah life, busy you have been as of late!  But I’m okay with that.

I honestly can’t believe how much time has flown by recently.  It seems like I started my job just yesterday, when in reality I’ve been here 4 months!  I’ve never held a full-time position this long.  Bizarre.  And I really thought not being in classes this fall (formally) would be really strange, but as the first round of tests for the semester is rolling around I’m not missing it at all (haha).

I realized yesterday as I sat in a meeting listening to graduate and Ph.D. candidates go over their research that while I may not be in grad school yet I really have had so many amazing opportunities come my way.  I really feel like my qualifications are good enough to score me a position I love.  I’m proud of what I’ve done.  It’s a good feeling, I rarely toot my own horn, but right now I am.

I’ve grown SO much in the past four years through college.  I really noticed it yesterday.  I felt old on campus.  Being a graduate and all.  So strange.  But growth and learning is really good.  I have a lot of ideas for my future, a lot of possible doors to open if I so choose.  I like having these options.  It makes life more interesting.

I’m so happy with where I am and what I’ve done though.  I think that is most important.  Happiness is key.
"I was hoping someday
You'd be on your way to better things
It's not about your make-up
Or how you try to shape up
To these tiresome paper dreams
Paper dreams, honey
-The Kooks

Looking into my Soul

I swear that's what he's doing.

How I love this sweet boy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Out of Office

Last week I was out of the office for 4 - that's right, FOUR! - days.  I helped to plant 433 trees along riparian (areas immediately bordering a stream) zones with the Partners for Fish & Wildlife program.  And now, because I am a lazy butt and because I was out of office [again] today at a meeting at WVU and am tired, I will tell the story of trees in photos/captions.  Enjoy.

Looking downstream of a creek we'd planted after day 1.  The sycamores saplings with their leaves are the most notable.
I was a little obsessed with the combo of brown thistle-thingers (yes that is an official biological term) against the beautiful green field.
Lots of trees in the truck.
Stuck.  And proud of it, damnit! 
The rescuer of the stuck-one.
Hard day's work.
Picturesque site #2
Excuse me now, while I go on a tangent of autumn scenery photos of site #2.
Planting a willow sapling.
D'aww yeah, planting accomplished! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture perfect weekend

This post will be told in photos/captions, enjoy!

And so it begins...
These misty mountains are my home and my love
Setting up Thursday  night
Went to see Stan on Friday for a bit; took the briefest of rides
Stan's new little brother; Stan hates him lol
4-H'ers showing their livestock (but for the record 4-H isn't just cows&corn)
Couldn't ask for a prettier place to hold the fair
Limbering up
Yeah, this is how WV toddlers have fun; mutton bustin'.  (Excuse the poor quality of my photos, wrong lens.)
What could be hotter than a line-up of cowboys?  Oh, that's right, nothing.
Prayin' for a safe night for themselves and the animals
Mmm, mmm, cowboys.
Rodeo clown/comedian
The developing sunset
Top bull rider in the country; rode a solid 8 seconds on that bull.  (Again, excuse the poor quality of my photos, wrong lens.)
(Again, excuse the poor quality of my photos, wrong lens.)
A beautiful autumn WV evening
What could be sweeter?
Sweetest (mini) trailer ever.
Spook is the greatest little stallion
Spook driving
A mini mule!!!!!  FenBar, I think you would approve!
Mud boggin' results; yes, in WV we have contests to see who gits 'er done the best.