Monday, September 26, 2011

Out of Office

Last week I was out of the office for 4 - that's right, FOUR! - days.  I helped to plant 433 trees along riparian (areas immediately bordering a stream) zones with the Partners for Fish & Wildlife program.  And now, because I am a lazy butt and because I was out of office [again] today at a meeting at WVU and am tired, I will tell the story of trees in photos/captions.  Enjoy.

Looking downstream of a creek we'd planted after day 1.  The sycamores saplings with their leaves are the most notable.
I was a little obsessed with the combo of brown thistle-thingers (yes that is an official biological term) against the beautiful green field.
Lots of trees in the truck.
Stuck.  And proud of it, damnit! 
The rescuer of the stuck-one.
Hard day's work.
Picturesque site #2
Excuse me now, while I go on a tangent of autumn scenery photos of site #2.
Planting a willow sapling.
D'aww yeah, planting accomplished! 

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