Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture perfect weekend

This post will be told in photos/captions, enjoy!

And so it begins...
These misty mountains are my home and my love
Setting up Thursday  night
Went to see Stan on Friday for a bit; took the briefest of rides
Stan's new little brother; Stan hates him lol
4-H'ers showing their livestock (but for the record 4-H isn't just cows&corn)
Couldn't ask for a prettier place to hold the fair
Limbering up
Yeah, this is how WV toddlers have fun; mutton bustin'.  (Excuse the poor quality of my photos, wrong lens.)
What could be hotter than a line-up of cowboys?  Oh, that's right, nothing.
Prayin' for a safe night for themselves and the animals
Mmm, mmm, cowboys.
Rodeo clown/comedian
The developing sunset
Top bull rider in the country; rode a solid 8 seconds on that bull.  (Again, excuse the poor quality of my photos, wrong lens.)
(Again, excuse the poor quality of my photos, wrong lens.)
A beautiful autumn WV evening
What could be sweeter?
Sweetest (mini) trailer ever.
Spook is the greatest little stallion
Spook driving
A mini mule!!!!!  FenBar, I think you would approve!
Mud boggin' results; yes, in WV we have contests to see who gits 'er done the best.


  1. ... All I want for christmas is a cowboy... hoooooott

  2. That trailer is awesome! And I'd be terrified if my toddler was doing rodeo type things! Eep! Oklahoma has tons of rodeos but I've never been! I think that makes me an out of place Okie or something. It looks like you had lots of fun though!