Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ah life, busy you have been as of late!  But I’m okay with that.

I honestly can’t believe how much time has flown by recently.  It seems like I started my job just yesterday, when in reality I’ve been here 4 months!  I’ve never held a full-time position this long.  Bizarre.  And I really thought not being in classes this fall (formally) would be really strange, but as the first round of tests for the semester is rolling around I’m not missing it at all (haha).

I realized yesterday as I sat in a meeting listening to graduate and Ph.D. candidates go over their research that while I may not be in grad school yet I really have had so many amazing opportunities come my way.  I really feel like my qualifications are good enough to score me a position I love.  I’m proud of what I’ve done.  It’s a good feeling, I rarely toot my own horn, but right now I am.

I’ve grown SO much in the past four years through college.  I really noticed it yesterday.  I felt old on campus.  Being a graduate and all.  So strange.  But growth and learning is really good.  I have a lot of ideas for my future, a lot of possible doors to open if I so choose.  I like having these options.  It makes life more interesting.

I’m so happy with where I am and what I’ve done though.  I think that is most important.  Happiness is key.
"I was hoping someday
You'd be on your way to better things
It's not about your make-up
Or how you try to shape up
To these tiresome paper dreams
Paper dreams, honey
-The Kooks

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