Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kenai, Keeny Bug

I recognize that very few of my posts involve Kenai (keen-eye) lately ever.  So, I’m mentioning him now. 

His daily antics amuse me and make me realize how empty my life was pre-dog. 

I love the responsibility of having him.  I love how I HAVE to get outside every day because I know he needs some time to run and be crazy in order to not drive me mad.

I love that when I wake up in the morning his cute face is the first thing to greet me.  I love how soft and fluffy he is & despite the seemingly large-ness of him due to the fluff he is really petite and the lightest, most fluid mover ever (due in part to being a Siberian).  He’s basically the most beautiful dog ever. 

People complain about owning Sibes because of their antics and high energy, but I love it.  This doesn’t go without saying that he does annoy me – frequently.  But he’s more like a little brother in his annoyances.  And they amuse me the majority of the time.  His newest obsessions?  Tennis balls and sock hiding.  Tennis balls make him go ga-ga. He could care less about the “bring back” part of fetch, but boy loves his tennis balls.  And sock hiding?  Only men’s socks usually.  He’ll root them out of your shoes or duffel or dirty clothes hamper in order to lick them and love them before “hiding” them in a corner or under some silly object.

And his newest hate?  His awesome pack!  He despises going out with it on.   Thinks it lowers his street-cred.  I think he looks rather dashing!  Even if it is a little over-sized.  It’s done its job so far, slowing him down just a tad & giving him a bit more of a work out.  He doesn’t realize it yet, but he may be wearing it a TON this winter if the ski resort I’m working at for NSP will permit him to be on the mountain.  The patrollers are psyched about the idea, now to see what management thinks.  His obedience is greater than ever before, I’d love an excuse to amp it up.  I have several dog-trainer friends who have trained various levels of service dogs to gain guidance from.  I don’t have the time or $$ to do legit search and rescue (SAR) or service training with him.  I would love to train a SAR dog one day before I die though.  For now, hopefully Kenai can just learn to ride a ski lift and be our mascot for the winter.

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