Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter Lately: A photo journal

Midway through the big storm last week

Look how high the snow was compared to the gate and fence!

Nearly knee deep at noon!

My barn abode coated in snow

I followed the plow out. Only non-plow on the road!

The main road...not plowed. Cute. Real cute.

Should be mountains in the distance. Instead...whiteout.

XC skiing with my momma

Mom and Kenai

SO much snow on the mountain!

Grooming out the fluff =(

Tree skiing with Sherm

Find the Sherman!

Developing bumps on Gravity <3

Mike and I posing at the top of Dark Side of the Moon

Me squeezing through some trees in the woods

Skiing away!

Waiting on Mike.

Snow in Kenai's fluff

An embarrassed husky dog

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