Monday, July 7, 2014

Continued improvement to Q's legs

I forgot to snag photos on day 4 post-vet visit, but did remember last night when I went out to give both horses trims.

It is easy to tell where the vet's trimmers clipped her legs vs. my trimmer - so much closer a shave!
Inside of her right hind hasn't been shaved at all around the fetlock area.
I plan to keep a shorter shave (the shortest my clippers will go) on her legs year round. This will leave
sufficient hair for protection while removing enough that her legs won't stay damp from the hair being water-logged.

Not as clear a shot due to lighting and Q pawing her left front as she deterred flies.

 Q was better for her trim than she's EVER been in regard to me handling her hind legs last night. Since I got this little girl two years ago she's been fiesty at best when you request her to let you handle her hind legs. Until this recent bout of scratches, she always got them the worst on her hinds. The pain associated with that has left her very distrusting of any kind of handling of her hind legs.

Not any more! She was SO so good; she even predicted when I was going to need her next leg and had it resting and ready for me to request.

She continues to be great about letting me clean her legs up and apply salve. When she dances now, it's half-hearted and completely a game. When I finally reprimand her for it, she glares at me, then faces forward again motionless.

Her new acceptance of letting her legs and feet be handled in these past few days is REMARKABLE. This alone speaks volumes.

I haven't completely ruled out the potential for a later diagnosis of a more serious condition as the cause to what I'm currently referring to as extreme scratches, but until the time that there is a re-occurrence, I'm not going to worry. I feel that if she'd had some autoimmune issue as the cause of this outbreak, then the round of treatment we have followed wouldn't have had such a drastic effect so fast.

I'm keeping a more diligent watch on her legs and keeping even the tiniest and superficial of scratches clean and salved. Additionally, I'm using the open front boots on her forelegs for every ride to provide protection. So far, so good!

Standing square after a maintenance trim.

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