Monday, August 18, 2014

Sale or Trade Items: A Blog Hop

I've yet to ever jump on board with a blog hop; I shamelessly stalk the posts others partake in and have enjoyed some of them thoroughly, but I just haven't ever taken the time to play along. Consider this my maiden voyage.

The $900 Facebook Pony had an idea for a blog hop that was a tack sale/swap. I think it is BRILLIANT. I love the linky thing that these blog hops do. I think I'm going to be the first endurance rider to post on it, but damnit, I really want to get this pad sold!

(would trade for another used pad that has wool and inserts like a Skito or Equipedic)
comment if interested

Töklat Woolback XL AP pad WITH INSERTS $100
Used this pad for about 8 months (as chronicled on the blog) and then switch from the Wintec AP saddle to my Ansur. The AP shaped pad is no longer a good fit for the dressage shaped saddle - primarily around the wither/pommel region.

This pad is in great shape other than the pilling of the wool and slight stain from leather - as one gets from use.

Spine opening for inserts. Comes with the standard Töklat foam inserts.

Measurements of pad are visible in the photos (measuring tape is set atop the pad).
- Spine to bottom of flap 21.5"
- Width of flap 18"
- Front to back measurement along spine 23"
- Total width from bottom of flap to bottom of flap  43"

Top of pad

Bottom of pad

Spine measurement 23"

Bottom of flap to bottom of flap measurement 43"

Flap width measurement 18"

Inserts / velcro spine opening

Inserts / velcro spine opening
With Wintec AP; you can see how much extra room remains for saddle bags etc. to rest upon

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