Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All In A Week

1. Kenai is ever persistent for attention when you're eating dinner.  2. Atticus the Shitten is rather cute when he is alseep.  3. Tire issues pre-race travels.  4. Having a BLAST on the final loop of the race.  5. Team Nimo!!  6. My ever watchful mare as we hand walked into the final check after the finish.  7. Q letting her main boyfriend lick mash remnants from her face; safe to say she is in *heat*.  8. Peach/apple crates that Mike thrifted for me this week. I am in LOVE with them.  9. Sleeping cats lie.  10. Enjoying one of two final days of sun and warmth and beauty before the weather takes a plunge into the cold.  11. Griffin begging for peppermint treats after our third day in a row of riding.

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