Thursday, March 24, 2016

Beginners Guide

I had another post written for today, but it will just have to wait because I just discovered this post by another Mountain Khakis ambassador and it is HILARIOUS. You've got to read it:

A Beginner's Guide to Horseback Riding: For a Beginner by a Beginner

A couple excerpts:

"I have found that pulling the reins towards the right makes the horse move his head right a little and then he keeps walking straight ahead. Pulling to the left makes him take a nip at my leg. Either way I’m screwed, so I think we’ll just keep going straight."

"They say to talk to the horse soothingly but they don’t explain what a horse finds soothing. Just to be safe, I’m thinking you should avoid words like “Rendering plant” or “Dog food.”"

"That big knob in the front middle of your saddle is called a knob. Actually, if you’re riding a Western saddle it’s called a saddle horn. Anywhere else I assume you can go with knob."

I was giggling all the way through. Those excerpts are just SOME of the really funny quotes throughout.

It's nice to see another ambassador compose a horse-based post for MK for once - even if they are a beginner! I'm usually the only one sharing my pursuits. 


  1. LOL hilarious.... whispering soothingly into isabel's ear "rennnnnndering plannnnnnt" totally works too, btw ;)

  2. Oh, that is too funny! (I've always gone with "gluuuuue factooooorrrrryyyyy" in a sing-song tone when the pony is being a brat.)

    1. Bahaha. I need to add these to my repertoire. I usually curse them and threaten a new zip code!

  3. LOL! That's great! Thanks for sharing it with us.