Thursday, June 2, 2016

Well, our feet are ready!

I'm working on the post re: my MacGyvered saddle dolly and other horse-related crafting I've done to save money as many of you have requested, but in the mean time...

Q had her shoes and pads put on last night for the OD 100. She was a doll about the whole thing until the last 6 nails on the last hoof. -_- Dan managed to get every nail in except the studded one, so if he doesn't drop back through Elkins and get it before we leave, he'll send me with a nail or two and I'll have one of the ride farriers hammer it in before the ride.

3(½) out of four in about 3 hours is pretty good though considering Dan has spent nearly 2 hours NOT being able to put a shoe on her before! I can't really say why she decided to be a witch for the end, and it isn't okay and she was reprimanded and worked with in the moment to try to resolve it - but I am going to focus on the fact that she was so good until then. That's the bigger victory here. And she is still quite young all things considered, so we've got plenty of time to turn her into a better horse for the farrier to deal with!

So, at a very minimum, her feet are ready for the 100.


  1. Duct tape on the end of the nose. Works great at distracting the horse.

  2. Yay for ready happy toes!!! Willing to forget the rudeness for the fact that she was mostly pretty ok!!! :D

  3. I think sometimes they just get sick of it and are DONE. It's a huge victory that she was so good for so long, and I'm sure she'll continue to get better :)

  4. Good luck, happy trails and have fun :)