Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Moonlit Snow Galloping

There's something about
Writing haikus in winter
That makes me happy

But even moreso,
There's something about snow rides
That are magical

Especially rides
On my favorite grey horse
In moonlit snow fields

The brisk winter air
And the moonlight above us
Made our shadows dance


Squealing and snorting
Griffin shared his excitement
And I had to smile

We trotted around
Leaving neat hoofprints in snow
With each passing round

I let Griffin loose to fly
Racing our shadow

Borrowing freedom
I soared with him over snow
Smiling and laughing

The moon rose higher
Its light reflecting on snow
Subtle sparkles shine

This way and that way
Griffin and I galloped on
Tireless in the snow


Grateful for this night
For the moon and for the snow
And time on horseback

One final gallop
We streaked across snowy fields
With breathtaking speed

With praise and neck pats
I thanked Griffin for the ride
Truly delightful

So very grateful
For this horse and for this night
Just what I needed


  1. I LOVE this. This is still a bucket list item for me. So happy you shared it with us! <3

  2. this is excellent liz - and that pic of griffin is everything! wish i could be out there galloping with you!!!!

  3. I love this! All the imagery and feelings! It reminds me of a night ride legging up a poly pony doing trot sets. Ah. THanks for that!