Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Two Horse Tack Product Review x3

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Two Horse Tack and I was compensated for my time, however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Two Horse Tack Nose Buckle Halter

Many bloggers have already reviewed this product, but I'd like to add another to the mix!

Griffin is modeling the Arab-size 3/4" nose buckle safety halter and lead in turquoise.

20170519 THT-7

I love this color on him.

20170519 THT-4

While his head isn't quite as refined as other horses, this halter helps bring out some of his finer features.

20170519 THT-8

As with the halter-bridle, the workmanship and hardware on this product is very solid.

20170519 THT-11

I had my doubts about the beta biothane lead, but it ties well. And while the snap isn't as heavy duty as most lead ropes, it certainly does the job. However, I wouldn't trust it with a horse who likes to test things on a regular basis as I believe it would "give" quickly and easily.

20170519 THT-6

My absolutely favorite thing about the halter though?

20170519 THT-42

It's practical nature for bridling a horse that may not be easy. (Not Griffin, for the record, he's such a total doll about bridling.)

20170519 THT-41

This halter slips off easily once a horse is bridled.

20170519 THT-40

An effortless and simple process. This halter is an amazing tool to have in your tack locker for green horses or those who need a simple reminder lesson. I'm excited to have it along for future training ventures.

Two Horse Tack English Convert-a-Bridle Bridle

And with those images, we've segued beautifully into the English Convert-a-Bridle!

20170519 THT-18

Once again, I love the "dark blue", which looks much more like royal blue, on Griffin. This is the 3/4" width, once again in Arab size.

20170519 THT-19

This bridle is a neat concept. It's both an English and a western headstall in one.

20170519 THT-16

The noseband slips easily through the bridle, right below the cheek and above the bit.

20170519 THT-38
20170519 THT-35
20170519 THT-36

It buckles under the chin as most English cavessons do.

20170519 THT-34

But if you so desire, it can be easily unbuckled and slipped free of the bridle.

20170519 THT-31
20170519 THT-30

And presto, in no time at all, a western headstall!

20170519 THT-20
20170519 THT-23

Once again, as with other products from Two Horse Tack, this bridle is very well made. The hardware is solid, the stitching is well done, and the colors are beautiful. If you're somewhere between wanting an English bridle but also utilizing a western headstall often, this is a great option for you to consider. It's perfect for trail riders who like to dress the part of whatever saddle they may be using that weekend. Bonus? The removable noseband could be used as a dog collar in a pinch or for attaching a bundle or something to your saddle - perhaps that raincoat you suddenly don't need because the skies cleared for the day.

Two Horse Tack English Breast Collar

And finally, as you've noted in numerous photos above, Griffin is also sporting the Two Horse Tack English breast collar.

20170519 THT-26

It's construction is pretty standard for an English breast collar.

20170519 THT-43

And, recognizing that I sound like a broken record, it is a well-constructed product with solid stitching and hardware.

20170519 THT-24

As I noted in my review of Two Horse Tack's halter-bridle, this product compares very closely to competitors like the Distance Depot in construction and hardware. Differences include that the standard THT breast collar attaches directly to the saddle while DD's uses clips. However, for an additional $3, you can select the option for THT to include clips to their breast collar. Even with this addition($43 instead of $40 without clips), this breast collar is still considerably cheaper than the DD product ($67). So, if you're on a budget or would simply like to save some money, I'd recommend the THT breast collar.

THT makes a wide variety of quality tack for those with a need for beta biothane or perhaps a desire to add some color into their lives. From western to English to endurance to just around the barn, THT has a wide variety of beautiful, well-made, affordable options for you to choose from. I think you'll find the hardest decision to getting a THT product is picking a color. 😉


  1. That's interesting how all the ends are sewn under TOWARD the horse.... Hopefully you don't have a thin-skinned beasty who rubs easily. Not sure I've seen it down that way before.

    1. I fortunately do NOT have super-sensitive horses, but you make a great point!

    2. I do have a very sensitive skinned horse, she will literally blister on the skin with the wrong pad or tack. I've had no issues with THT's construction and have used it on a couple of 50 mile rides, and LD's. I feel the key to not chafing is for the tack to be fitted right. I had a padded one from DD that I gave away, as I found the padding actually wanted to grab the little hair and ball up. Without the padding the biothane gets sweaty and slick and slides rather than rubs. My two cents!

    3. Very good points, Jacke! I agree.

  2. I'm glad you like yours. I've thrown all of my THT away, except my breast collar, which I have stopped using since it has rubbed Ashke's shoulders (he is soooo thin skinned its scary). I do love the turquoise color though.

    1. I'm sorry to hear it hasn't worked out for you! I loved him in the green.

  3. i just can't get enough of that blue color. charlie's turnout halter has so far held up super well to the rigors of day to day life

    1. I LOVE that blue with the POP of bright blue on Charlie. It's so sharp.

  4. Sorry, educate me. Does the biothane break under enough pressure and serve as a break away? It's not usually considered an issue with bridles, but if halter or lead, is there a breakaway option if it doesn't?

    1. The stitching will absolutely give way. I've also had buckles give way. I can't speak to the beta biothane itself because I've always had other weak points give way first. It'll give though!

  5. Griffin looks awesome in that dark blue and it is very fine on his face. I like Q's bridle - I'd buy that one - but Griffin's is elegant. I can't stop wondering why keepers are not available, I looked on their website and they don't seem to be an option. Without keepers the tack looks slightly unfinished to me. (Griffin doesn't seem to need them though cuz the bridle fits him so well.

    1. I've never had good luck with the keepers on any of my beta tack, so I don't miss them. You make a great point about them being absent though! I honestly hadn't even noticed because I've never had luck with them in the past and didn't miss them.

  6. I have a new client whose mustang wears a teal biothane bridle. I touched it ONCE and said, "Is this by Two Horse Tack?" You can FEEL the quality of the biothane. Love it.

    1. I completely agree. It's got most substance to it.

  7. My next horse related purchase is going to be a matching bridle and breastcollar from THT. I just need my old tack to sell so I have the funds for the new stuff! Everyone who's gotten some has raved about it.

  8. I recently reviewed them as well. You took amazing pictures. Very flashy!