Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Liz's Barn Babbles | Easy[er] Fill Solution for Hay Nets

The second episode of Liz's Barn Babbles is here! I know you've all been waiting with bated breath. Or maybe that's just Austen. ;-)

For this episode's inane topic, I'll be showing you my hay nets and what I've done to help make filling them less annoying/painful. This video just pertains to loading them prior to hanging them on carabiners in the horses' stalls for the night. Eventually, I'll also show my outside feeders because I have received some interest in those.  

Product links for video mentions:

Source for my horse-specific hay nets (For custom nets, it takes him a bit. I received mine 10-14 days after ordering. He's very responsive to messages though, so do reach out if you have any questions!)
Source for my non-horse-specific hay nets (I got the #21 x 1-3/4" Nylon Netting KNN21175 in a 10' x 10' square. If you want it to be a bit more durable, I'd recommend getting the tarred one so that it's more weather-proof. Additionally, I was impressed with how fast the shipping was for this netting! I got mine about 3 days after ordering. I anticipate ordering from them again because their shipping and costs were lower than the first source. If I do this, I will absolutely be getting the 1" openings because my horses have learned the hay net game very well!)
Toggles for paracord 

Other notes: 

  • both my horse-specific nets and the sporting net have the same size opening (1¾")
  • I already had paracord on hand and simply ran it around the perimeter of the nets to open/close and added toggles to facilitate this
  • I have two 10' x 10' and one 5' x 5' net. The larger easily hold 2 square bales and the smaller holds about 80% of one square bale


  1. YASSSSS! MY DAY IS MADE! Up next ... "How to feed your horse a COOKIE"!

  2. I love the title of your youtube videos. Those are great.

  3. Filling hay nets is the worst, hahah. I always end up covered in hay no matter what I do! I like that you installed two hooks - makes it easy to do when you are alone!

    1. Ugh. The amount of hay in EVERY piece of footwear I wear in the barn is absurd!