Monday, August 24, 2020

Manic Monday

Each week, I think about writing. Each week, motivation to put together a coherent post slips to the wayside. But lo, I have been doing things. Lots of them. I just can't be bothered to get my brain to piece them together in an enjoyable way to read. Maybe one day I'll regain my mojo in that regard, but for now, I'm going to stick to my strengths and just overwhelm the blog with photos + captions. 

Oh boy. Here's a throwback lol. This is from sometime in July when Kate was house sitting for our neighbors. She made us a kickass dinner of amazing Mexican recipes. We called it Christmas in July because of the Christmas tree, which we obviously turned on lol. Pandemic life in our small very rural community looks a lot different than it usually does, but the small little "safe" groups we spend time with are so amazing. While I miss the regular potlucks our local community had (40-100 people depending on the weekend), these small dinner parties of 5-7 we've had since this all began are really terrific, too. 
Manic Mondays are more than a blog title. They've become a regular Monday evening ritual for Kate and Willa and I. Willa expressed a desire to get out riding more when she was helping my brother with some auditions while he was still here. I took her up on that and now we spend Monday evenings gallivanting on horseback.
Kate is there, too. 
And these totally magical and majestic geldings.
And post Manic Monday ride, we sit on the front porch sipping beverages and eating charcuterie boards and laugh our asses off about RIDICULOUS topics. It's the best. I love these two ladies.
Screenshot_20200728-211510_Video Player
Jump jump boi has been jump jumping
Screenshot_20200728-211517_Video Player
It's about time for me to rearrange the jumps though.
Screenshot_20200728-211650_Video Player
I'm impressed with my ability to hunker down. It looks like my head has been photoshopped lower lol
Screenshot_20200728-211711_Video Player
The happiest jumping ears!
Screenshot_20200728-211722_Video Player
Screenshot_20200728-211741_Video Player
Oh Grif. 
Most of y'all with gardens have an issue with far-too-plentiful zucchini. Well, I have volunteer spaghetti squash. And they're fecking EVERYWHERE. I'm going to be dropping them off on people's door steps pretty soon.
These two haven't been as photographed this summer, but they're still here. Still happy. Still eager for adventures.
I love them so much.
The gladiolus have been AMAZING this year.
So many fun colors! Now we have more purples and reds.
FINALLY had the vet out for vaccines. This was the only photo I took. 
Norah was predated (best guess) by something (owl, hawk, yote) at the beginning of July. I'm still sore about it. She was the COOLEST cat. Ever. Hands down. Hard stop. But I hate mice damage to my shit and mice are a part of barn life. SO, enter Brienne and Arya. They're from a local feral cat colony and now live in my tack room until they get bigger. This is my final attempt at having barn cats. I'm hoping a very slow introduction to the barn over a months-long period will help increase the likelihood of them being here long term. If something happens to them though, I'm done. I don't like raising bait. 
Date night views during the pandemic. Our first night out since everything began! Everyone was distanced on their own blankets outside and all staff was masked. It was a really pleasant evening. 
Griffin every morning.
Goofy selfie for a socially distanced work team building day. Our new supervisor set up the MOST FUN scavenger hunts for us all around Canaan. We were able to work together in a socially distant way to build team cooperation. For a small office with a close knit staff who have missed seeing one another, this was AWESOME.
Christopher got a new bike. He told me he wanted to break it in half. So we went out and gave that a try. Good news, no one broke anything! lol And we found oodles of chanterelles for dinner. 
This overexposed husky came with us. 
A small local wedding I shot a few weekends ago. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND SO MUCH FUN. Can small intimate weddings be a thing forever please? I'd happily photograph them forevermore.
Part of Kate's birthday present from me. A shirt with her new logo (that I designed!) I also got her a trucker hat. 
We put up more hay. 
And laughed WAY too much. These guys are a riot whenever they're together. 
Post hill gallop, we pose. 
Almost back home and Willa goes, "Can I trot more?" And took the lead. I was so proud.
Dan came over to geek out over feet with me. I love working with and learning from him. 
Then we went on a ride.
Dan rode Q for the first time ever!
I cheered and laughed so hard when I saw this in the Valley.
Baby chicken of the woods! One of my favorites.
That feeling when you're just ready for grooming to be over so you can go trotting.
Morning vibes.
Old men enjoying time on the front porch. 


  1. I love these photo updates! So many things to love <3 except losing Norah, I'm so sorry about that. Hopefully Brienne and Ayra stick around for a while and watch out for each other!

  2. I love manic mondays! It's a great way to catch up. I'm sorry about Norah, it's so hard. I haven't had a cat die of old age since we moved here. It's hard. But I need mouse control. I console myself with the idea that they have a great life.
    I don't understand the Vermin sticker but I suspect it's political satire :)
    Ed informed me yesterday that we have 35 butternut squashes growing on our vines. 35! Our garden looks like it should be in 'Little Shop of Horrors'. I read a book once set in a small Quebec town and this line made me laugh: 'everyone locked their doors, not against criminals but so that neighbours wouldn't drop off produce when they weren't home'. :D

    1. HA. That quote is accurate for our area, too! Vermin Supreme wants everyone to have ponies! That's really all you need to know.

    2. Vermin is from my town - in coastal Massachusetts. I had a really tough mini for years and used to tell him I was going to donate him to Vermin’s campaign. So glad to see the message of universal pony owning has spread to WV!

  3. You are definitely busy! I really want to grow squashes because they seem so easy and abundant lol

  4. Overexposed husky 😂😂😂

  5. We have had so much rain and sunshine combined that everyone's gardens are overflowing this year. Looks like you've been up to no good in the best possible way.

  6. Really sorry to hear about Norah. Rotten luck :( I hope the new girls last longer than that! Apparently it's tough to be a cat on the mountain!!

    Glad you're getting out for regular rides in good company. In a year when the world is upside down, good saddle time is priceless.

    I miss socializing with our few close friends in-person. It's still not safe to do it here. I'll live vicariously for now!

  7. I’m so sorry about Norah! :(

    At least you have stuff growing! I pulled out literally half my tomato plants (at least) and some of my peppers because things were rotting on the vine before they were full grown, let alone ripe. Ugh. I’m pretty fed up with my garden this year...

  8. I think the photos + captions make a great blog post just by themselves. So sorry to hear about your barn cat - I really liked seeing the photos of her around your barn. Glad you're having a fun summer with the horses and hope the new cats are extra barn savvy!