Thursday, October 29, 2020

West Virginia Autumn Splendor

I know many of you look forward to my autumn posts every year. This was one of the best color years I've ever experienced, and I was on a staycation for much of it. I know I say it often, but I am SO grateful to live where I live. Enjoy this years onslaught of autumn photos from peak color (predominantly at Blackwater Falls State Park).

20201002 Autumn_1320201002 Autumn_1720201002 Autumn_2720201002 Autumn_3720201002 Autumn_5520201002 Autumn_13420201002 Autumn_29620201002 Autumn_30220201002 Autumn_30420201002 Autumn_32020201002 Autumn_32420201002 Autumn_32520201002 Autumn_32720201002 Autumn_32920201002 Autumn_33020201002 Autumn_33020201002 Autumn_33520201002 Autumn_34120201002 Autumn_34420201002 Autumn_35220201002 Autumn_35520201002 Autumn_36120201002 Autumn_36220201002 Autumn_36720201002 Autumn_37320201002 Autumn_37820201002 Autumn_38220201002 Autumn_41920201002 Autumn_42420201002 Autumn_43220201002 Autumn_43420201002 Autumn_43720201002 Autumn_44020201002 Autumn_44120201002 Autumn_44620201002 Autumn_45020201002 Autumn_45520201002 Autumn_45620201002 Autumn_46820201002 Autumn_482


  1. Wowzers. And I live in a place with lots of fall colour! It is flat-ish around here, so not as spectacular as the mountains all lit up!

    The first 3 or 4 pics would look amazing printed on canvas! I especially like the sunlit path and the ferns.

  2. What a beautiful beautiful place to live!

  3. It rained nonstop during our peak colors so I missed them this year, but these photos make up for it. WV is always so gorgeous anyway, but your fall posts are my favorites every year.

  4. What a beautiful autumn season for you! Love all the colors and all the trail scenery and your horses are looking so shiny and fit. I think it's great that you can take them camping - I'm not sure mine would be so happy about that. Also glad your barn cats are still around and learning how to ride. :)