Saturday, July 16, 2011

Real quick...*update*

Does anyone have recommendations about stretching or massage techniques for horses?  Been looking at books and wondered which would be the best.  Gotta get Orion feeling better.

Out to wrap and poultice his legs this afternoon!

Updates later...


The swelling in both his legs has gone down considerably.  Still there, but not so bad.  You can't really notice it from a distance like you could before.  His left is more swollen than his right.  I'm optimistic that the inflammation will be gone within a week!  I just hope he can get moving a little better this week.  Suzanne is going to cast his feet on Monday to finally banish the thrush and aid him with sole growth.  I think if he can finally get some nice feet under him he'll be a lot more comfortable and a lot of things will change for him at once.

Forelegs poulticed and wrapped; hinds wrapped just for bug protection; fly mask on face; hot pink SWAT on open wounds to ward off flies - on his rear where the other horses bit the ever-loving shit out of him.  Bleeding in four places!!  Poor broken horse.  =(
And oh my goodness, is this the buggiest summer or what?!  I'm finding myself with more mosquito bites than I ever have in WV before.  They're usually not bad at all!  Going out with the horses things are 10x worse though.  Poor horses...granted I'd rather be a horse than a cow or deer dealing with flies!  A mane and long swooshing tail are far better weapons than those that other animals have.  I do a funky little dance constantly while outside anywhere near the woods or horses as I swing my arms ape-like through the air to ward off insects.  Slapping my arms, legs, etc. in time, too.  Its just glorious.

But it has been a beautiful few days.  WV is super duper green right now.  I'm thinking I'll have to do a post on just all the green around me here in a few days or so.  Green and lush and fluffy with bright blue skies.  WV, you're so pretty right now, I just wish you would ixnay on the humidity for a long while!

Hope your weekend is relaxing, too.

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