Thursday, July 14, 2011

Updates on the poor boy

Lame.  Still swollen.  And a month of no-riding vacation starts today.

But he's so damn gorgeous!

Krystin Dennis came today and did his teeth to put him on the right track getting balanced out and all fat'n'sassy.  I didn't understand everything she told me - as I JUST found out about her and read her website a few hours prior to going out - but I trust her.  She's got some pretty bomber credentials.  And Suzanne trusts her.  And Suzanne always does her homework real well. 

So he's got to be feeling better!  Suzanne is going to cast his feet next week to help cure his thrush and grow some sole.  His legs - still swollen - are wrapped and poulticed.  We'll be doing some hand-walking and ground work for the next month.  I really hope and pray (and hope and pray some more for good measure) that he doesn't have some other serious issue.  I'm getting very concerned.  I just don't know what I'd do with a horse I couldn't ride...  Pushing those thoughts aside for now.

Its nice to have my evenings a little more freer.  Not having to cram in this huge, long rides is nice.  I'm feeling a little more rested.  Its rather pleasant.  Hopefully a lazy weekend will rejuvenate me completely.  Another off-the-grid weekend of minimal texting/internet/social networking.  Bring it.

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