Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Pinterest has taken over my world - as I knew it would.  And its a good thing!  This giant do-it-yourself crafty movement that is going on right now is one of the few positives to this crappy economic situation.

Christmas gifts galore!  Seriously, I am a crafting-Christmas-master at this point in time.  Prior to Pinterest my craftiness was excluded to knitting hats mostly, with a few earring crafts on the side.  But now, NOW I am a craft-aholic.  Bring it crafty world of do-it-yourself!

For the bulk of my Christmas gifts I am creating horsehair bracelets for all of my equine friends in possession of their own horse - and perhaps some for those equine friends like myself, who don't have their own but are avid horsey people nonetheless.  I regret to say I do not currently have photos of said bracelets as I would like to complete most of them first.  Several of the recipients follow this blog, so if I'm going to post photos of said gifts I would like them to be in mass so no one can pick out theirs.  (That way its still kind of a surprise, right?  Most of you are aware this gift is happening anyway.)

Another gift for three lucky ladies that have guided my horse-care through my time with Orion, and who have provided me amazing equine opportunities over the last year will be receiving another something special - and another beautiful craft.  I don't know that they follow this blog, but whether they do or not I -sadly- will not be posting photos of these gifts until after they are given.  It is killing me to not post photos until later!  But this surprise I want to keep locked up for another month.  Lets just say they involve horses, wood, and transfer mediums.  ;-)

Other projects for myself and others that I am currently working on/have almost completed were inspired by the below:

Hurrah for the craftiness of life.

What crafts or Christmas ideas do you have planned??

PS - If you don't know what Pinterest is or would be interested in getting into it, comment saying so and I'll use the few invites I have to hook you up!

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  1. Hey, I'd love to get into it! I have a cousin who always does projects off of there and I've always wanted to find something to do on it when I get the time. :)