Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bad blogger

I'm joining the ranks of "bad bloggers".

I'm starting to feel a twinge of guilt that I haven't posted much of substance in a few weeks. However, it seems I'm merely joining the ranks of others who are doing and feeling the same.

The good news? My courses are almost over for the quarter. I will have a month of freedom with which to play horse, go ski, edit photos, WRITE POSTS, and craft my little heart out prior to Christmas.

The horses are happily munching away. Q is convinced that she may never do work again as all I've done with her is give her peppermints for coming when I whistle. Griffin gets brought in every time I manage to get out there and messed with to some extent. He's been quite the angsty little pre-teen lately. Once school settles (and hopefully next quarter - my final one! - is over) I really hope to start him very lightly under saddle (i.e., sitting on him and flexing him from saddle, walking around the round pen and applying former ground cues as US cues). This gives great promise for some exciting blog posts a few months down the road.

Until then, here's a photo of a friend's foal two years ago...

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