Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trailer loading

School is still taking over my life. Le sigh.

But I went out last night for 45 minutes or so to see the horses and do some more trailer loading work.

I think Q really likes coming in, getting a small scoop of grain, doing easy work on the ground, getting lavish praise, then getting to go back to her boyfriend in the field all in less than 20 minutes. She's so much quicker to pay me mind when I arrive lately and when I turn her loose in the field she now waits for some ear scratches before sauntering off. I've always been slightly sad she didn't want more time with me when I turned her out like Griffin does, lingering for a moment or two. I'm thankful she doesn't tear off though. She's always let me take the halter off and then walked away politely. Now she's added a pause to that.=)

Q is self loading and not trying to turn around in the trailer any more. We got to where we walked up and she all but ran onto the trailer! Good girl! She was also backing off per voice cues instead of pressure on her halter - most excellent. I'm beyond thrilled with this progress.

Griffin took two steps back and one step forward with trailer stuff last night. He didn't want to get on at all at first. It took a lot of patience to get him to finally hop on. Lavish praise. Rinse, repeat. Once he was getting on like a civilized gentleman, I called it good and quit for the evening. It was getting dark, I had homework, and he was hopping on like a champ again. Positive note!

Love my horses  - they're the perfect stress relievers.

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