Thursday, January 31, 2013


Recently I’ve paid more mind to my mood on a daily basis. How I react to things around me – everything around me. I’m not sitting around writing down each way I react, but I make a mental tally of it and move on. Being female means I’m cursed with hormonal fluctuations that can be evil. Certain times of these fluctuations cause my instant internal reactions to be outrageous. I’m really good about catching them and realizing that my reaction is ridiculous. Once I catch it I can do my best to subdue it, or at least say and act the opposite of what my idiotic raging mind is saying in its times of ill-logic. 

Overall though, I’ve been incredibly happy of late. Part of it is from diligence with self-awareness of how I react to things, and being able to predict how my reactions may be taken by others, but a big part of it is surrounding myself with positive influences. I’m at my best when I’m surrounded by positivity in those I look up to. I really fall into my element. Certainly other and myself tend to have bad moments, but being surrounded by such a network of good energy (for lack of a better term) makes pushing past things that much easier. I feel really lucky to be surrounded by such supporting friends who are all so motivated to do their best every day in everything they’re doing. This is a really good place to be.

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