Monday, January 28, 2013

Skijoring fun

I could tell this in words, but why? I have so many photos and videos!

I pulled Ari for a bit, and now Jeanna is up.
Looking back at my sledder to be certain all is well in the beginning as that was the trickiest part.
Don't know what I'm doing with my hands here.
Jeanna yelling, "FENCE, FENCE, FENCE, FENCE!"
End of a successful run with Jeanna!
Breakin' for a moment. Happiest dog ever.
My barn owner is cooler than yours! GO, D!
Look at that snow spray! This is also where Ari said I had Q doing some beautiful lateral movement at the canter.
Ever the graceful stop...
Ari riding now, my first time ever skijoring!
I was whippin' around back and forth behind Q, SO MUCH FUN.
Neeerrrrrrmmmmmmm - that was the sound effect I was making for myself. Don't judge me.
Gooberbrains playing. They're a year apart and the absolute best of friends.
Partners in crime. Ari on Q, me on my skis. Dangerous combination!
Awkward knees, hahahaha
The take-off was rough. My triceps are sore today!
*cue more jet engine sound effects*
Comin' to a halt. *cue tire screeching sound effects*
Ari working Q post skijoring.
Kudos to anyone who noticed Kenai in the second video chillin' in the middle of our circle. He was a happy snow dog!
Observe the wolf in his natural environment...erm, Kenai going back to his roots.
Oh-so attractive. I love him!
Q's pretty rear hoofprint in the snow!


  1. Liz! This is seriously amazing!

    Was Q phased when she could feel the skier whip around on the left side of that circle? Looks like she just kept trucking!

  2. Julie, she wasn't bothered at all! I was beyond impressed with her. She put her trust in the rider (Ari or I) and plugged along.