Friday, March 22, 2013

Fitness Planning

With the start of the upcoming work week I will be working my 40 hours in 4 days. I will have 3-day weekends every weekend. To have these lovely little mini-vacations though, I will be losing an extra hour of play in the evenings Mon.-Thur., which is a slight bother, but worth it in my opinion. But I think it will go perfectly with my fitness/activity plans for the warmer months for both myself and the horses and Kenai.

Goals for each week:
  • 2 hangboard workouts (to benefit climbing)
  • 2 bike rides (for cardio)
  • 2 (minimum) sessions of training for Griffin
    • groundwork through Clinton Anderson's Fundamental series
    • perhaps a random ponying ride with Q
  • 3 (minimum) sessions of training Q
    • 1 session dressage workouts
    • 1 session in the woods on hills/trails
    • 1 session on the rail trail doing intervals and speed work
  • 3-4 sessions of training Kenai
  • and (optimistically) yoga every single day (pursuing my 30 before 30 goal again)

Rider fitness program definitely back in swing through the above activities. Climbing is back in swing with hangboard workouts. Kenai's manners will come around again with mini-sessions. And the horses will progress as they should.

Of course, modifications to any and all of the above will occur when I am able to go on actual climbing outings or horse events. But overall I think its a pretty balanced plan that lets me do some of everything without being overwhelmed. The first 30 days of it will be the roughest, certainly, building up to regularity and all. But once its established, things should go relatively smoothly. Q has definitely proven to me that she stays in excellent shape once I get her to a state of shape, and she's one of the biggest priorities above for the whole purpose of getting to travel and go have fun at rides this year.

So yes. We shall see how it goes. But here's me proposing my plan in a public setting! Now for warmer weather, fixing my bike (buying a new one?), and committing to doing!

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