Monday, July 22, 2013

More WV adventuring

So Jeremy and Saiph had a sort of tag-team visiting scheme completely by accident. The result was a huge week of WV adventure for me. Staycationing this summer is proving to be quite the win-win situation for me.

In an attempt to escape the heat, I showed Jeremy some parts of WV he'd yet to visit. We discovered some fun looking boulders, picked some wild blueberries, stumbled across a nice little honey hole, and I even got to watch some grey fox kits totter through the woods:

We ate well, drank well, and exercised a lot as we explored around. It may be hot as stink lately, but there is still plenty of fun to be had. Love me some West Virginia outdoors.

5.8 in foreground, 5.11b in background
The 11b
Can't climb with Jeremy and NOT see a black snake; surprise on this day though, a copperhead at the top of the climb!
Pondering the next climb
Had to swoop in for a photo; North Fork Mountain behind us
Sunset from home that evening

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