Tuesday, July 9, 2013

West Virginia, My Love

While I may long to move west and experience it for a spell, I can't deny my love for my home state. Nor can I deny the beauty of the place I live. Its stunning. It also provides me with ample opportunity to fulfill my adventurous spirit. Enjoy this glimpse into just a mere weekend of my life. All places pictured are within an hour's drive of my home.

View from Bickle's Knob; you can see several rain squalls in the distance
Shavers Fork of the Cheat
Shavers Fork of the Cheat
Atop Bickles
Near Wildell
Hiking over Shavers Mountain
Thrilled with his filthy legs
WV State flower in bloom, rhododendron
High Falls of the Cheat
I try to jump off a waterfall at least once a year, haha
Seriously, no editing to this photograph. Its just how beautiful the colors were on this day!
Love my pup
Winding through the golden rod and shrubby St. John's wort
Relic gate in the woods
Obligatory fireworks photos
My phone did a pretty good job with photos this weekend; Galaxy S4, I am impressed.

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