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Alright animal lovers, I know the largest following of folks to this blog is horse folk, but with horses comes a menagerie of other animals into our lives, too. This giveaway is focused around our best and loyal animal friend when we are away from the barn: our dogs!

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I'm really excited to introduce y'all to Dublin Dog, a new[er] company who is providing some really kickass products for our canine companions.

Their products are handcrafted in the USA, and their line of no stink collar is unlike any I've found before! Endurance riders, you know the importance of biothane tack and how terrific it is in our active lifestyle with our horses - it rinses easily, is durable, and doesn't hold stench - well, these collars are the same kind of thing for dogs! Additionally, if you peruse the All Style No Stink, you'll notice they've really added some flair to the collars. Things that really will match up with your dog's personality - or your own.

Y'all have seen Kenai sporting his Dublin Dog Reflx orange with reflector stripe collar on the blog already. His collar is just one of many that they offer!

Brook trout design on a collar!
Aurora, your fishing husband will love these fish collars!

I absolutely adore their line of fish collars; they're modeled after the scale patterns on both freshwater natives and saltwater fish species. These collars, like many of their others, are also no stink! Huzzah!

But wait! Collars aren't the only part of the Dublin Dog line, they also carry leashes, toys, beds, and gear like travel bowls and their Buddy Beacon that snaps onto your dog's collar for those nighttime adventures so you can keep track of where your friend is exploring.

Kenai's Nomad Pad has been featured on the blog some, too. I absolutely LOVE this thing.

I was so close to trying to sew a ghetto version of this from some blankets and a tarp when I noticed that Dublin Dog had basically come up with a pro version of my piddly idea! The Nomad pad has a fleece topper, some polyfill to provide cushion, and the bottom is a rubberized polymer to provide waterproofing and some protection against wear and tear of a tougher surface. Oh, and the kicker? The whole thing rolls up and velcros easily into a bed roll complete with a handle for carrying or providing easy attachability to a backpack!

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THREE  lucky winners will get the choice of the following prizes:
ANY collar + leash combo
-  a T-Shirt
-  a pint glass with the Dublin Dog logo

I'll let the winners - in the order that they are drawn - choose which of the above prizes they would like. The second winner will get to choose from the remaining two, and the final winner will get the remainder. Fortunately, all of the prizes are pretty kickass, so no one will be missing out on some awesome!

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This giveaway will be managed through rafflecopter. I'm certain most are familiar with this, but in case you aren't: read the directions below for what to do/how to enter. When you have *completed* your method of entry, visit here:


This will keep track of who has entered and will be what I use to choose random winners at the end.

Mandatory entry:

+1  -  Visit and leave a comment on this post sharing a product or products that you would love to try

Additional entries (x1 for each) can be obtained by doing the following:

+1  -  "Like" Dublin Dog on Facebook
+1  -  Follow Dublin Dog on Instagram (@dublindogco) or Twitter (DublinDogCo)
+1  -  Share this giveaway on some form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

That's it! And yes, you read correctly, you have an opportunity to enter four times!

So, once more:


The giveaway ends on July 4th and I'll announce the winners that weekend!  

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