Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recent Shenanigans Photo Journal

Tent city
WVU tailgating



They serve beer at our games now.
I was drinking a local microbrew and Mike had Yeungling's Oktoberfest

Mike bringing Gumby into the stadium

Huzzah Gumby!

Gumby is really just T

Armed forces appreciation

Remi beating up Gumby; typical

Ah, WV roads

So, the muffler fell out of Mike's car that Haze has been borrowing

The Haze is not amused

T and I pre-Gauley

Important things in the dry box

Pregaming for the river while we wait for the shuttle folks to come back

Smiles! And beer!

Proper beer holding etiquette


Haze and a happy T

Funder, you wanted river photos on the water, so here they come
All taken during flatwater though!

T and I


My raft for this day

Our some custy rafts

K-pumping the raft

Lower G vistas

Me and Mike

Basically sums up the day

Gauley Canyon is a beaut

Tiernan....what are you doing....

Canyon vistas

T, seriously...what is this

So very tyipcal Haze
RR bridge

Sinking sun

My paddle's keen and bright
Flashing with silver
Follow the wild goose flight
Dip dip and swing

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