Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All In A Month

I've been lax with my "All In A Week" posts this month. Mostly, I've been lax with writing and blogging and social media in general if it isn't Instagram. (@estout18) Thus, here are some photo moments not captured within blogland this month. Griffin was surprisingly unphotogenic in December it seems.

1. Kismet. For a week at the beginning of the month I had a third cat. I picked her up on the side of the road. She was a 2/9 body condition and after a week of living with me, she died in my arms. It was a really tumultuous few days for me.  2. Kenai has been quite inactive this month after re-pulling his groin muscle.  3. I did a lot of yoga this month through participation in several yoga challenges on Instagram. It was a lot of fun!  4. Q's new halter-bridle from the Distance Depot arrived. In addition to her kimberwicke, she now also has an S-hack.  5. Yoga. Lots of it. Hollowback handstand with wall support.  6. Q has taken to rolling in new ways that cover both cheeks and above both eyes with mud. I'm impressed with her skill.  7. These are endangered Virginia big-eared bats. I'm a biologist by trade and was lucky enough to do some field work with these guys earlier in the month.  8. The Shittenest of them all, [K]Atticus. He's more splendiferous every passing day.  9. Trying to become bolder with my handstands away from a wall...  10. Six Stouts 'a Skiing.  11. Stayin' classy.  12. Giving Griffin kisses and Q's schnozz stuffed deep in the bag of peppermint treats. The former is a typical occurrence, the latter? That's Q's new confidence personality coming out on camera.  13. Looks like May, but it was December.  14. Kenai got a professional groom at the beginning of the month. He looks nearly as floofy now as he did then! (This photo was from day after groom.)

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