Tuesday, May 19, 2015

These are Mine

Last night the lighting was beautiful and Q was particularly CLEAN following some passing thundershowers. Her early summer coat - pre-sun bleaching - is just so remarkably beautiful. She is SO DARK in comparison to how she usually is. I decided I simply had to try to capture it.

A bonus? Q was being exceptionally cute last night. She followed me with her eyes everywhere I went, stretched her nose toward me to investigate my person every time I passed by her as I moved about between the tack room and both horses. She was also exceptionally calm and relaxed, something that is fortunately becoming a new norm for her!

Griffin, the boy he is, had rolled in the dirt right before I arrived judging from his appearance. I dusted him off for some photos, too, but it just wasn't his night photo-wise. He's been more prevalent in photos of late, so it's high time Q had her chance, too.

As I snapped away, I took a great thrill in the thought and knowledge that, Wow,these are MY horses. Mine. My childhood self would be ecstatic right now...hell, I'm ecstatic right now!
So, without further ado, some photo spam of my critters.

That shine. That booty. That face.

Dapples are still in full effect for another year!
Lighting does not accurately represent how dark she is in this photo,
but I love the soft brown highlights where her leg meets her abdomen.

Hai laidee, give me apple?

Even in this photo of his eye you can see
dirt... He was a mess!

So much shine! And again with the light brown mixing with the dark.

Further brown blending.

Dat nose doh.

Still investigating me for treats.

Her blaze <3

A much more accurate representation of how dark she is; lighting better here.

It was scary, then in less than 15 seconds
it was boring. Good mare.


Plodding along.

Caught her peeing...took photo.

"Friends. I have friends. My friends are over
there. Did you know I have friends? Do you
see my friends? My friends are over there. I
love my friends. I have friends..."
-Q's mantra. Always. Forever.

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