Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 Goals


- Stay healthy and happy physically and mentally
- Continue to see steady improvement and be able to put this whole suspensory ordeal in the rear-view mirror this year
- At the proper time, build back strength and fitness (through hiking and dressage that will be intensely focused at the walk for a few months)
- Achieve a more acute understanding of the aids and get her to accept contact
- Teach her lateral movements under saddle
- Build her body back in a more balanced fashion that it was preceding her injury
- Enjoy many slow miles of trails (whereby "slow" is mostly walking and meandering and "many" is any amount >20 miles for the year)


- Stay healthy and happy physically and mentally
- Build and develop our prowess at dressage and jumping
- Travel and compete in at least two shows
- Ride in at least two clinics with Stephen
- Take at least two lessons with a jumping trainer
- Spend some time perfecting our gallop - something I've never focused on before


- Stay healthy and happy physically and mentally
- Continue to build fitness with the goal of having a sleek, muscular athlete who doesn't look his age
- Ride > 200 miles on him for the year
- Compete in at least one LD


- Stay healthy and happy physically and mentally
- Continue to build strength
- Maintain a healthy weight and diet
- Keep him comfortable on whatever combination of supplements help him the most


- Stay healthy and happy physically and mentally
- Lead climb above a 5.8
- Conquer at least one trail on Canaan Mountain without hike-a-biking
- Bike North Fork Mountain again faster than before
- Build a stronger body
- Advance my mandolin skill
- Build my photography and editing prowess as well as my small photography side business


  1. Well, that last goal is already well on its way! I cannot wait to see you work towards all of these in the new year, and I hope that we see each other more in 2017 than we did in '16.

    1. Agreed. I'll be living an hour closer to you so hopefully things will work out better.

  2. Great goals - I hope to see some of their successful completion in person!!!

  3. Great goals and good luck with everything!

  4. Great goals!! Can't wait to follow your adventures in the new year.

    1. I hope they're worth following haha, thank you!

  5. That's a lot of goals, but you do have a lot of horses :). I'm excited to see Stan do an LD.

    1. Oh my gosh, do I know it! So many goals, but I tried to make them all achievable. Griffin seems to have the biggest and most difficult year ahead, everything beyond that should (in theory) fall into place with time and patience.