Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tack Room: Complete

Well, it would probably be better to say "complete" in quotations because I'll definitely continue to tinker with this room for awhile to come (I'm already planning to modify the grain storage, alter the side table, upgrade the couch...). But for all intents and purposes, it's pretty safe to say that it is done. I'm really pleased with the results and look forward to spending more time in this room!

20200615 May June Horses Home_181
I painted the door this beautiful navy a few months ago. I love the pop of color it adds to the aisle. 
I'm also pretty pleased with how this whole area outside the tack room has come together. It's been a very slow process of figuring out what I have, what my needs were for storage, and the best way to go about it. Looking at the photo now, I can say with complete certainty that I was able to create all of this storage/organization purely by cobbling together random things I already had lying around. 
20200615 May June Horses Home_174
Opening the door to enter the tack room, there is a scrap of linoleum on the floor in the heaviest traveled area leading to the bridles, saddles, pads (behind the door), helmets, and other random necessities stored below the bridles in the IKEA trones. 
20200615 May June Horses Home_173
Pretty much the entire third of the tack room closest to the door is 100% dedicated to tack and riding needs. The shelf above the door holds seasonal needs. Currently, my winter stuff (riding skirt, vests, gloves, hats, etc.) are up there. There are also miscellaneous first aid needs stored in that space.
20200615 May June Horses Home_169
All saddle covers are by Amanda and her Bel Joeor Metier Etsy shop. The ribbons are those that Stan and Grif have won. Griffin's three are the non-wrinkly ones in the center from Loch Moy (HT) and Wyndam Oaks (dressage). All of the crinkly ribbons are from a show Stan and I did sometime around 2006. We won high point at that show and also have an etched plate commemorating that, but I've yet to hang it because I need to add some color to the etched text so it will show up against my wall. 
20200615 May June Horses Home_170
Griffin is forever lurking...
The counter is a bit of a catch-all place for miscellany. I also set their dinner buckets on it while they soak and then to add their supplements to (though I removed them for photo purposes lol). The mirrored medicine cabinet and accompanying storage above are something my dad pilfered from a friend's doctor's office (if I'm remembering correctly), yeaaaars ago. They were originally white/cream, but I opted to paint them a dark brown to fit the space better. 
20200615 May June Horses Home_171
You may find yourself wondering, "Why is there a childish pink carousel clock in the space? It doesn't fit?" Well no, it doesn't exactly fit. But I've had that clock since I was like...5. It has graced every place I have ever lived. It has an annoyingly loud tick-tock noise but damnit, I love it. I spent years day dreaming about this reality in all of the spaces that clock previously occupied. It's only right that it's final home is the tack room in my very own barn. 
As for the black IKEA bookshelf, it houses various equestrian magazines, books, training manuals, and some blankets. A TV and DVD player sit on top.
20200615 May June Horses Home_172
Various magnets grace the back of the door. The supporting bars for the shelf have little hooks that I've hung various things from.
20200615 May June Horses Home_162
The couch with it's oversized cover and super cute equestrian pillows I scored from a questionable Amazon seller. The framed print above the breaker box is also of carousel horses and was in my room growing up. Various drawers of storage are beneath the couch and the side table. 
20200615 May June Horses Home_164
Remember when Griffin was dark? It seems like a lifetime ago! The middle spot is vacant with hopes that Mandy will one day paint me a Stanley to go with Grif and Q.
20200615 May June Horses Home_154
The jute rug really pulls the space together. 
The "Cheers Bitches" banner was leftover from a bachelorette party. 
The bronze statue on the windowsill is a limited edition and was the last Christmas gift I received from my paternal grandfather. And, just noticing this, but the framed cross stitch to the right of the window of the two horses was also done by my paternal grandmother. Both items have followed me everywhere (like the clock).
20200615 May June Horses Home_160
I suppose I should one day share more about the gallery wall that is visible here. But honestly, the large majority of those images are littered across this blog. The artwork, too.
20200615 May June Horses Home_158
A closer shot of the pillow design.
20200615 May June Horses Home_155
I was trying to capture a photo of my kickass custom shade that I waited FOREVER for due to COVID. Norah, of course, had to make it about her instead. I warned her that she was backlit AF and wouldn't look good, but she insisted. Cats, man, what can ya do? Regardless, I ordered this custom shade at the very beginning of March when COVID was just becoming a Big Problem in the US. I ended up getting it for something like 50-60% off due to pandemic fears. Totally worth the wait! It's so nice. And way better than any curtains I could have hoped to put up.
20200615 May June Horses Home_153
And once again, Norah had to make it all about her in this shot of the side table. Though really, it's okay because I purposely left that little pillow there for her. Spoiled big-eared kitty. (More evidence of her spoiledness present beneath the table where the 32 cans of cat food are.) The stickered bin contains a wealth of first aid supplies.

I hope the final "reveal" has been worth the wait for those of you who have been curious about how everything with the tack room ended up! This time last year, we were breaking ground on the barn. It feels so nice to be nesting this year instead of merely dreaming of this moment. 


  1. Oh my god LOOOOOOVE. What a cozy, functional, and still beautiful space! I can't believe it was just a year ago you were breaking ground on the barn! <3 <3 <3 you're motivating me to get off my ass and "finish" more of my tack space, haha.

    1. Yass girl. Finish yours. I love living vicariously through your tack shed transformation.

  2. I love it! I love how everything has a story too.

  3. oh man i only have one horse and yet i could probably easily fill that space entirely. why do horses need so much stuff?!? for real tho, it looks great!

  4. Replies
    1. I LOL'd hard at the "so clean". There is a reason these photos aren't in a super bright editing style. Dust and cat hair abounds.

  5. This looks SO good! Nicely done! I am jealous of all the space you have!

  6. It's gorgeous!! I absolutely love it, and am totally a fan of that pop of color for the door too. How cozy!

  7. Such a great tack room! Really impressed with how you've created so much storage space with all the shelves and counter and everything. Also love your barn cat on her pillow - she looks like she's also happy with the tack room.

  8. This looks really good and suuuuper clean! Nicely done

  9. It's all so cozy and cute! It holds your stuff and is a great place to kick back with a post-ride beer. Nice. I think I'm going to paint my door too. Right now it's white which shows all the grime....

    1. I had that same issue when mine was white. Hated it lol. Cant wait to see what you do with yours.

  10. It looks so great! Comfy, cozy, practical, artful, cat-ful. Perfect!