Monday, January 3, 2011

Nowhere to go but up

I've had the roughest of weeks.  I hit rock bottom and became emotionally spent.  I was broken.  I had nothing left around four o'clock on New Years Day.  Nothing.  But the good thing about hitting rock bottom? You have no where to go but up.

So, I called girl friend after girl friend until I got a voice instead of just a voicemail.  Caitlin was having a late Christmas celebration with family.  I broke my news to her, crying, but told her to please not worry about it.  Carly was 30 minutes away.  I told Carly I needed to horseback ride, right then, right there, and I broke my news, still crying.  While talking to Carly another called back.  I put Carly on hold and answered Erika.  I told Erika what had happened and she invited me to Charleston, a three hour drive.  I accepted and told her I'd leave my house by four.  

Caitlin paid me a surprise visit while I was packing.  She gave me a big hug, a shoulder to cry on, and we talked for a bit.  And then, I went into gypsy mode, and I left.  I drove a little, cried a little, drove a little more.  Sped a lot.  

Upon arrival we let our pups play.  Erika got hers a month before I got Kenai.  Cooper is a year older though, she adopted him.  So we let them play, I told her about everything I'd been through in the past few days.  She sympathized with me, lent encouragement, and then we went into our 24 hours of get-over-or-through-it therapy.  

I showered, our friend Ryan came over and we went to TGI Fridays.  I love that place.  Ryan went home and Erika and I returned home to talk and watch Dexter.  I love that show.  

Sunday was the best.  We went to the mall and had some window shopping retail therapy.  Tried on some ridiculous clothes and RIDICULOUS heels.  Absolutely great.  This was followed with a two mile run with the pups and then showers and leftovers for dinner.  Ryan dropped by for a bit. 

Right after he left the fun began.  Randomly.  Cee Lo Green's song "F**k You".  The MOST upbeat craziest song ever.  I LOVE it.  LOVE it.  Erika and I started into this crazy dance party.  Intense, jumping, spinning, bootilicious craziness.  Just the two of us.  SOBER.  (Two beers each but that's nothin'.)

We played the the timer on my camera some too.  Trying to get our jumps just right.  

And then, after an hour plus of pretty intense dancing in walks Danno.  He owns the house and lives there and had been in Georgia and Rocktown shooting photography and climbing with friends.  He walked into this scene:  Two red headed twenty-somethings bumpin' around the living room, speakers and subwoofer blaring Bubba Sparxxx "Miss New Booty".  Cue: Danno, front door.  HILARIOUS.

So, Danno, lover-of-all-women grins real big, drops his pup, Raina (who looks like a miniature Golden retriever) and flops on the couch until we encouraged him off to dance.  It was great.  Then, we put "F**k You" on and started REALLY dancin' again.  This prompted Danno to run out to his car and bring in all his sweet camera gear.  And then more fun began.


And then we all tried our hand with the timer.  Oh, fun.  I love these people.

Hair whippin' good time.

Nowhere to go but up.  I'm going.  And I hope everything will just keep getting better.  And stay there this time.  No more rock bottom for me, baby, no way.  And the dance parties?  And being a gypsy?  Those are sides of myself I'd like to see a little more often.  

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the rock bottom! :( I hope everything is ok and I'm glad you're on the up and up and danced your way through it! Reminds me of Grey's Anatomy. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    We bought a Canon Rebel TSI (I think). It's a more basic DSLR, but since neither of us are pros, we read it was a good starter camera! Our only lens now is the one it came with, but I'd love to get a Macro lens for more face shots. :)