Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magna cum Laude

Its official.  3.74 final GPA, graduating magna cum laude - so crazy.  Its weird to see it online on my unofficial web transcript.  The Degrees Awarded area has been blank for so long, and now its filled in with Bachelor of Science and my awards are listed below.  I can't believe its over, I did it.  Honors ceremony is Friday night, Biology ceremony is Sunday afternoon - not looking forward to the second because the college within the university that my department is in consists of at least a dozen, if not more, majors.  Going. To. Be. So. Long.  ACK.  But, worth it.  That piece of paper that I ranted on about back in December or whenever, I want it now.  I've earned it.  So I want that piece of paper with the silly writing and the silly seal and the silly signatures.  Its mine.  And its going on my flippin' wall.

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