Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Equine Fun

The prodigal son has returned!  Or rather, my brother is finally home from Europe.  More understanding and tolerant of other nations and people, more cultured, more respecting of the world, and a little more sad upon having to leave his first girlfriend on the other side of the ocean.  Buts its okay, the internet and phones make it easy to keep in contact.

To get his mind off things I took him horseback riding with Carly and I last night.  He had a lot of fun.  So horses are healing for boys too it seems!  Haha.  It was exciting for me to see him enjoy it so much, and yesterday was the first time Orion nickered in greeting when he saw me!

This afternoon I went to Angie's to watch/help Doc Cromer with some teeth floating and a minor surgery to a horse's stifle.  It was educational and I had fun.

Later Carly and I spent several hours clearing trail while we rode.  It took forever - and kind of sucked to be quite frank - but it'll be awesome to fly through the trails later on.  I also learned that Orion's teeth are every bit as awful as the horse we floated earlier in the day.  He's going to be seven in August and he's never had his teeth done.  It needs done - badly and soon.  He's in a lot of pain when he eats and its why he can't put on the weight he should - or at least the only reason we've figured out thus far.  I'm excited to get it fixed and get his weight where it should be.

Tomorrow and Wednesday Orion and I will be taking some solo rides with some music since I got a speaker for my ipod.  Makes it even more fun to have music to jam out to.  So peaceful getting out there with my boy.

 Thursday we're riding the horses to my house to bathe them and may spend the night and just ride back the next day.  Its going to be fun to bathe the horses and a dream come true since I was really little to ride a horse to my house/around my neighborhood.  I'm really looking forward to it!

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