Monday, May 23, 2011

Post-Rapture Pancakes

So my past several days are going to be split into two posts.

This past weekend was phenomenal - as per the Rendezvous norm.  It was the New River Rendezvous, 'Vous #9.  Another great year and another big amount of money raised for the New River Alliance of Climbers to help keep access to the crags open, parking available, and habitat maintained for crucial wildlife.  Such a great event that is SO much fun.  I volunteered this year - a twelve hour commitment - to help out everyone at the event and help things go smoother.

Friday was pretty chill.  Talking with sponsors who came to give back to the NRG, hanging out with friends rarely seen, and then six o'clock rolled around.  Kegs were tapped, the no booze bar was opened, and the first night's party began.  Most people had arrived by this time so it was starting to get movin'.  Dessertapalooza kicked off around seven.  Imagine six giant tables full of nearly any homemade dessert you could imagine - and you get to fill your plate/bowl with as much as you want!  There was live music later on - Dj MonVoyage Neon.  He was pretty awesome.  It was great to get out on the dance floor and jam.  It was more of a rave than anything.  Dancing, moving, jumping, flailing, beer drinking, bubble tea sippin'.  Amazing.  Most people stumbled off to bed by 2a.

Saturday was the big day.  An early wake up to get breakfast from the sponsors - bagels, crepes, eggs, granola and yogurt, fruit, mimosas, and coffee.  And have I mentioned that all the beer and no booze bar drinks, and food is all part of the entry fee to the event ($30)?!  Freaking sweet.  All of the competitors set off for a big day of climbing in the gorge.  My day was spent chilling with Chris.  We got second breakfast at the Cathedral Cafe, and then went swimming at Summersville Lake, and then went back to the Rendezvous to chill out at the hospitality tent and stay out of the sun.

Four o'clock began some yoga sessions, Darn Tough Sock give-away, and other sillyness.  Six o'clock the climbing score cards were due in, and kegs were tapped.  A free and amazing dinner followed.  And then - chaos began.  Men's and women's bouldering pad sumo competitions, crouching Clowny hidden Monster: battle in the sky, and Freekbass.

 Such an amazing night!  Dancin' and groovin' with friends new and old - everyone a giant sweaty mess was great.  And made better by new friends chasing off creepy clinging guys who wanted to dance with me that I didn't know!  Haha.

The final part of the weekend was Sunday morning with a big pancake breakfast for all the hundreds of people.  Biggest pancake feed ever - or so it seems.  Our post-rapture pancake breakfast - since we survived and all!  Granted being such "hippie liberals" I'm sure if it had happened we may not have even known.  ;-)

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