Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jumping Lessons

So my jumping lessons have begun.  

 I’ve had two thus far & am uncertain when I will be able to fit the next in as I am leaving Thursday night to go to New Jersey to do something amazing.
 I doubt my form is anywhere near correct (feel free to leave suggestions, constructive criticism encouraged).  But I’m self-taught to this point, and according to this instructor I’m not awful.  She actually dotes on me a bit, but I’m very hesitant to believe it as I feel there is so much more to do/fix.  I’m pursuing another instructor also for a few lessons (god knows when that will be with my busy schedule!) because I know this lady will kick my ass into shape.  She’s one tough cookie with tons of experience to boot!  Not to say my current choice of instructor isn’t, I just don’t know as much about her.
 I did have the pleasure of hacking around on the 4 year old TB mare the instructor owns after my lesson.  She doesn’t get ridden often enough and needs work.  Its something I’m happy to do.  Oh. My. Goodness, her stride!  Its huge!  I found myself wishing the ring were at least 2x if not 3x bigger.  She ate it up.  Her trot is so flowy and bouncy, and her canter just eats up the distance.  I’ve ridden very few TBs in my horse experience, if they’re all like this I’m definitely up for more.  It was magical.

My overall impression of jumping so far is a positive one.  I almost think I could muster up the courage to show in this discipline.  Dressage is another discipline I’m eager to learn the basics of, but it still intimidates the hell out of me.   Mostly I just want to learn as much as I can about each discipline out there and see where they lead me.  I love horses and all horse related activities, why not test the waters in each?  I’m a bit big to be a jockey, but that’s still a childhood dream.  Perhaps one day I will be able to breeze a couple racing TBs in their workout. 

Oh to dreams.

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  1. Haha, we had the same childhood dream! I read the Thoroughbred series and wanted to be a jockey because of those books. lol