Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Adventure

I'm determined to really live it up and do things that make me happy that I've wanted to do forever.  I'm going to have some pretty awesome adventures this summer.  Nostalgia for adventure overwhelmed me a day ago as I went through all my old photo albums on FB.  I've really done some amazingly fun things in the past 5 years.  Looking back on all those memories made me that much more determined to pursue more.  The new two months are already chock full of plans (hiking, photography sessions, trail rides and horse clinics, multi-day backpacking trips, backcountry horseman/leave no trace training).  I hope y'all are ready to follow along with it all.  I'm jumping in head first and planning to have a blast.  You're only young once, right?  


  1. Can't wait to see what you're up to! And YES, go for it. You never know when things are going to change - and I don't mean anything dire, more like what if you get a great job offer in Arizona? Then you'd be scrambling to finish off your WV adventures ;)

  2. Love your attitude and getting a kick out of these photos!