Monday, April 30, 2012


While my social life in my hometown may blow, I'm accomplishing a lot.  Raising and training the wonderful little horse; got my certification as a National Ski Patroller; and now pursuing BCHA/LNT training in June and my concealed weapons permit prior to June.

Spent the weekend in "Handguns 101".  Shot several different makes and models.  Enjoying myself and slowly putting my fear of guns to rest.  I'm as jumpy as a wild mustang when it comes to most things, guns especially.  But after two lessons I'm definitely getting more comfortable.  Those long solo rides I end up taking in the middle of no where will eventually have a little more security to them than the speed of a horse!

Went on a ride and got semi-lost.  Not super lost, just headed down a really rough trail to the point where backtracking was NOT the preferred method!!

Around #3 is where we bushwacked up through the woods onto the better trail??

Thanks to Endomondo we were able to see where we were and cut back up the hill and onto a clearer logging road.  Griffin came along with us.  He even decided to lead a little.  I was impressed.  He got stuck twice in briers.  Kid is a WUSS.  A single brier strand wrapped around him is cause for squealing whinnies of alarm.  HOWEVER, he knows to wait until help comes.  The second time he even helped me help him by moving in a way to help me get the thing off him.  Nevermind that he could have taken two steps and busted it.  Mayer is a freaking BULLDOZER.  I love it and I love her more for it.  Trail CHAMP.

It was a pretty epic farm-filled weekend of sunshine and horses and happiness.  Weekends like this are what I live for.  I'm proud of myself for pushing through scary boundaries and proud of little man for being a champ through all my chaotic woodsy wandering.  I'm a bit of an extreme trail rider...its more fun that way.  Though most people (most of you likely, except maybe Dom) would hate it!

Anyhoo, I leave you with this:

Duke.  Never know he was so high strung once upon a time... And I TOTALLY get why people think I'm 14 after seeing this photo.  Blech.  But, I'll be happy to look so young once I'm 30.  Pfffttt on all you haters.


  1. Not something I would hate. :0

    Also...I like Duke.

  2. :) It's the best still getting ID'd once you're "old". teehee