Saturday, April 21, 2012


In the past couple months I've had the beautiful gift of TIME back in my life.  Ski patrol training is over, I have weekends for the first time in a LONG time, and I'm free to make plans and do things as I choose when I'm not at work.  Enter: crafts and reading.

I've been a voracious reader since elementary school.  We had a program at my school where you could read a book, take a quiz on it, and amass points for your memory about the book.  The length and difficulty of the book determined its point value.  Our teachers set goals for us for each nine-week period.  If we could meet a certain level of points we were rewarded with a trip to swim, ski, ice skate, bowl, snow tube, get pizza, see a movie, etc.  I'd always liked reading, so when this program started I was all "GAME ON, bitches!"  And ever since, I read like a champ.

But then college happened, and then ski patrol training, and mostly LIFE happened.  Reading became a dormant pasttime for me.  But, luckily, it's reared up back into my life.  I can't quite read 5 books at a time like I used to, but I've read more since February than I have in years!

A Dog's Purpose 

I enjoyed this book a lot and it really made me see Kenai in a whole new way.  The book anthropomorphizes a lot, but so what, it was fun and that was the point.  It tore at my heartstrings a few times and made me laugh aloud.  If you own a dog, love a dog, want a dog, I recommend it.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

I enjoyed this more than the first dog book.  I learned a little about car racing, a lot about love, and really enjoyed Enzo, the dog who tells the story.  It's one of those dog stories that makes you want to cry, (you know, like Where the Red Fern Grows or Marley and Me) but knowing how happy Enzo is at the end sort of makes them tears of joy.

The Summer Tree

Okay, I admit it, I'm a fantasy nerd.  This book was the first in a trilogy.  It started a little slow, in my opinion, but I really began to like it as it wore on.  I plan to read the other two this summer.  Its another quest book, but different from my true love series (The Belgariad and The Mallorean by David Eddings - the best fantasy books ever) it links our world to another.  An interesting twist on things.

The Twilight Series

Yeah, I gave in and read them all finally.  I really don't have a thing for monsters (vampires, werewolves, the like) but I was bored and knew they'd be quick reads - so I read them all.  I understand why people love them.  The way the author write about the love and intense relationships between the characters leaves us wanting that in our lives.  The grace and power that comes with being one of these monsters is also desirable.  However, I, in no way, desire to be a vampire, werewolf, etc.  Having a love like Edward and Bella would be enjoyable, yes, but BEING a vamp?  Nah.  And all that "Team Edward" "Team Jacob" shit, fo'gettaboutit.  This series is an entertaining read though.

Prodigal Summer

I'm currently re-reading this book - something I hope to do at the start of every summer.  I absolutely LOVE the characters and the descriptions of Appalachia.  I see facets of myself in each of the characters and the author manages to put into words some of the reasons why I love this part of the country so much.  This book makes my heart happy.

Among the Bears

I started this book on my Montana trip and am enjoying it.  I don't know if I will read the whole thing or not as it is dry, scientific reading to a degree.  It is very interesting though and told in a story-telling format.  After my brief work with black bears I find the work of this man to be more interesting than most.  Its an added bonus that it all takes place in the Appalachian mountains, too.

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